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December 31, 1969 - - View in Iowa Digital Library
Seth Diehl is in his last semester as an undergrad at the University of Iowa and will be graduating with a major in Film and  a minor in Theatre arts in May. As a result of his experience here, Diehl's  interests have grown to include non-fiction and experimental film as well as in story telling. He plans to travel and make films, work for PBS or similar, or maybe be a river raft guide in the mountains. He currently calls Iowa City home.

Of his work, Diehl says, "My Videoblog page is currently going by the title String Swords. I created the blog for a class last semester with weekly posts and like many of my classmates I have continued posting on it, letting it exist as a creative outlet. There is something curious about putting together quick small videos of art or whatever and then making them available for anyone around the world who has an internet connection to watch them. I find it inviting."
Please Call Stella
March 27, 2007 - - View in Iowa Digital Library
Josh Eklow is a third-year film student from Chicago, Illinois. The main themes of his work are popular culture, the Internet, and autobiographical material.

Please Call Stella is a video about using the Internet as a resource to make art intended for the Internet.
April 04, 2007 - - View in Iowa Digital Library
Zachary Kmiec is in his last year as an undergraduate film student at the University of Iowa.  In October 2007 he hopes to mount a bicycle and take an extended vacation from the land of images.

Of his work, Kmiec says, "Mmmff came about through my enrollment in a class focusing on the development of video blogging as a creative practice. Following up on a continuing interest in cumbersome forms of imaging, I decided to base my vlog around inquiries into the aesthetic possibilities and limitations of cell phone video.

'WikiTchen' documents an installation my roommate and I created in our apartment, physically emulating the open-source website format known as "wiki." Arising from a running joke about how we could organize our music collection, the WikiTchen took three hours of initial installation, and endured for about five days

In the post bearing its name, the WikiTchen reflects a skeptical take on notions of socio-technological progress found in current discourse on blogging and 'Web 2.0' in general.  It should be noted, however, that the installation was a thing in itself, created for our own amusement and frustration.  During its short lifespan, the WikiTchen was also displayed as an art project, and was the subject of a creative nonfiction essay by Chelsea Cox."
Victoria's Secret
December 31, 1969 - - View in Iowa Digital Library

Of her work, Lucca says, "The work I've been most satisfied with is that which is ambiguous while pushing the boundaries of comfort. Inevitably, I return to tropes of low-grade recording, female bodies, and voyeurism that invert pre-existing styles and genres. This video comes from the same place that all inexplicable Internet fetishes and inorganic/marketed desire do."

A Night
April 19, 2007 - - View in Iowa Digital Library
Sean Shatto is a recent graduate with a degree in English from the University of Iowa. He got his start in videoblogging from a cinema class with Jennifer Proctor and continues to post on a semi-regular basis.

About the video:
"A Night" is a document of one night full of distractions and light memories that are forgotten if not recorded and played back.

About the video blog:
Look, a Thing! is a project devoted to the acknowledgement and occasional celebration of the minute in physical and personal life. It attempts to link experiences in the real world to the viewer who is sitting alone at a computer.

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