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February 22, 2007 Clapp Recital Hall performance of Movement IV of "Allegro brioso" from String Quartet No. 11 by Vagn Holmboe, 1976
May 10, 2007 -
Since its formation in 1990, the Maia Quartet has established itself as an ensemble of innovation and versatility. Praised by critics for its "sparkling musical intelligence," the Quartet enjoys a vibrant national and international performing career. Currently the faculty Quartet-in-Residence at The University of Iowa, in Iowa City, the Quartet has gained considerable recognition for its dedication and expertise in the field of educational outreach. Widely sought after for their inspiring work with all ages, they have brought their passion for music to both adults children across the United States.

2006-07 season highlights include performances at Rutgers University, the Ukrainian Institute in New York, the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle and concerts in Europe, Japan and China, and locally, the "Scandinavian/NordicFest."

During the "Scandinavian/NordicFest, " coordinated by the quartet at The University of Iowa,  the ensemble performed major Scandinavian works, collaborating with a numerous departments, including  Dance, Art & Art History and Theater. As part of the project, the Maia Quartet also collaborated with the Danish Immigrant Museum in Elk Horn, Iowa to bring the chamber music of Scandinavian composers to communities in Western Iowa with strong Scandinavian roots.

The Maia Quartet's exploration this year of Scandinavian music has led them to many musical gems often overlooked in the American concert halls. Vagn Holmboe's "Allegro brioso" is one of over twenty quartets written by the Danish composer and has a very distinct style and sound palette.
I Got What I Wanted (From You)
June 05, 2007 -
A Vague Sound is the solo project of University of Iowa student and Iowa native Corey Gingerich.  After failing to recognize his musical aspirations with other bands, Corey began making his own music using tapeloops, white noise, a 1984 casiotone keyboard, and a PowerMac. What has come since have been four critically acclaimed and scorned albums, 3 national tours, and a song featured on a commercial for German television.
A Vague Sound is now preparing to release two more albums this spring and summer, and will be touring from coast to coast during May - July. More track and updates on live shows can be found at

Of his music, Gingerich says, "Music has the ability to evoke every emotion across the human palette. Like colors, combinations of emotions can create new feelings, thoughts, ideas, and when music is added into the mix, what you have a project and concept that is distinctly yourself."
July 05, 2007 -
Jake Dilley has been an artist his entire life.  By the age of three, he was drawing every day.  He picked up the guitar as a ten-year-old, and was playing lead in his brother's high school band when he was only a sixth grader.  He began experimenting with recording himself at 15 and eventually released his first full-length CD, For Emergency Use Only (on which he played every instrument), in 2002, when he was 18.  While in college at the University of Iowa, he fronted the Jake Dilley Band, with which he toured the Midwest for two years before releasing Nothing Good Ever Lasts in the Fall of 2004.  In 2006, he released Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy, a Senior Studio Art Honors Project that was part concept album, part abstract video, and part performance piece designed to sync up perfectly with the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  After signing with two Twin Cities booking agents last Fall, he moved to Minneapolis and completed work on his second "alternate soundtrack/video art project", creating original music and video this time to accompany the 1957 French film, The Red Balloon.  The new performance boasts multiple video projections, pre-recorded audio, and has recently expanded to include a revolving door of musicians, artists, and filmmakers to aid the ever-evolving creation process that is Jake Dilley and The Color Pharmacy
July 31, 2007 -
Skursula's music is about a violinist and cellist who combine their love of stir frys, classical music, journal scribbles, and whiskey on the rocks into song. Skye and Ursula are currently living in Iowa City.  These two musical scientists, who met and began playing music together during their first year of college,  hid away until their "little Frankenstein" was born and ready for performance in August 2006. Skursula's idiosyncratic songs generally take the form of character studies, and are thus much like short stories in a song. Influenced greatly by classical, folk and hip-hop, their music ranges from playful to introspective in character. Skursula strives to create a unique musical style for each individual song, rather than trying to develop a general style for their music as a whole.
Fond of You, from Whiskey Will Fix It
January 15, 2008 -
In the 1920's it was the Memphis Jug Band.  In the 1960's it was the Jim Kweskin Jug Band.  In the 21st century, Escape the Floodwater Jug Band keeps the tradition alive while adding its own influences into the mix. The group began as a trio in 2004; equipped with a Do-It-Yourself attitude and songs that bare almost punk rock dynamism with homemade instruments. They have thus far recorded an EP (Take Me Home, 2005) and a full length record (Whiskey Will Fix It, 2006). Today, the band has expanded from a sparse three-piece to a six-piece ensemble. The band totes banjo, washtub bass, ukulele,  washboard, kazoo and other various noise-makers as they wander around this great nation spreading the jug band spirit. The Escape the Floodwater Jug Band is a self proclaimed "Third Wave" jug band. They continue to explore what that could possibly mean. The band is soon to record a new Third Wave Jug Band album with Iowa City's Flat Black Studios. This album will feature musical stylings from Banjo Kellie, Washtub Mark, Old Man Brandt, Washboard Nina, Saw Slingin' Wade, and Skifflin' Swoyer.

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