The Experimental Wing—Release v. 3.0 Notes:
Text, Hypertext, Intermedia and Interdisciplinary Creative Research

The Experimental Wing is part of the Virtual Writing University, a collaborative, online initiative to bring The University of Iowa's writing programs together online.

The 'Wing,' embraces the creative interdisciplinary potential of digital production and community-based practice. It is dedicated to the exploration of experimental literary and multimedia hypertext research and production. Time-based media [Internet-based radio and television], online publishing of New Media creative production and scholarship, and live events are integral parts of 'Wing' research.

The 'Wing' is project based. To the right are brief descriptions and links to its projects.

The Iowa Review Web

The Iowa Review Web, now in its tenth year, features hypertext and new writing. The current issue, "Instruments and Playable Text" is guest-edited by Stuart Moulthrop. The next issue, edited by Mark NeuCollins is titled: The Aesthetics of Code."

The Daily Palette

The Daily Palette, now in its sixth year, highlights daily the work of Iowa-identified artists and writers on The University of Iowa's web page. In conjunction with 'Wing' research, The Daily Palette is now fully searchable with advanced archiving features. Users may browse over 1300 participating artists' artworks.

ICSC Television Online!

Iowa City Senior Center Television Online!, in its fourth year of operation, is a community-building collaboration with Iowa City Senior Center Television [ICSC TV]. In addition to presnting ICSC TV programs online, the project develops unique online content. Its multiple channels include oral histories, election coverage, video portraits, and experimental works.

Ingmar Bergman Film Series
With live musical performances.

On hiatus due to the 2008 flood.

Once a week in February at 7 pm in the Art Building West Auditorium.
Co-produced with The Maia Quartet and Intermedia.
Special thanks to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, School of Art and Art History, Graduate College Virtual Writing University, University of Iowa Library and the Criterion Collection.

[photo illustration from "Through A Glass Darkly"]

Intermedia Publishing

Intermedia Publishing debuted with the online publication of a catalog of the Spring 2006 Intermedia Graduate Open House. We anticipate future publications.

Radio Intermedia [In development]

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The 'Wing' is the result of the combined efforts of Intermedia in the School of Art and Art History and the Virtual Writing University. We thank the Graduate College and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences for their support.

Our thanks too to our colleagues Lauren Haldeman, Editor, VWU; Josh Kaine, UI Webmaster; David Hamilton, Lynne Nugent and Hugh Ferrer, Iowa Writes; Iowa City Center Television Online!'s Co-director Jonathan Rattner and its brilliant senior producers; and Beth Oakes|Maia Quartet, Ingmar Bergman Film Series Co-director.

We look forward to the continuing research and collaborations ahead.

November 2009

Derek Andes, Graduate Research Assistant
Ellis Mumford, Coordinator, The Daily Palette
Mark NeuCollins, Managing and Associate Editor, the Iowa Review Web
Steven Strait, Technology Consultant.
Jon Winet, Director

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